Mama Dog Abandoned Before Giving Birth Was Left Alone After All Her Puppies Were Adopted

Mama Dog Abandoned Before Giving Birth Was Left Alone After All Her Puppies Were Adopted

Dogs that are heartlessly left at shelters as well as those who spend a huge part of their lives between the four walls of the kennel are, unfortunately, nothing new. 

Here, it is essential to emphasize senior dogs because many owners lose interest in keeping them while many potential adopters don’t even want to look in their kennel. 

It is especially difficult for older mother dogs when they see that their puppies are going to forever homes while they are left alone in the shelter. Sadly, this is not a rare occurrence, considering that the demand for puppies is always high.

This was exactly the fate of one German Shepherd named Star, only a few months after she was abandoned by her owners and left at the shelter.

Pregnant And Unwanted

man putting a leash on the dogman putting a leash on the dog
Source: All Shepherd Rescue

Star spent a good part of her life in a warm home with a canine friend and a family she loved with all her heart. Unfortunately, all that changed after she got pregnant. 

According to Star’s Web Page, she and her male companion were left at the shelter because their owners didn’t have time for them anymore. From that moment, Star and her friend had to continue living their lives in a Maryland animal shelter.

Just two days after she was left by her owners, Star went into labor and soon gave birth to five healthy puppies. Despite the shock because her favorite people weren’t there anymore, as well as the unknown environment, Star showed that she was a great mom while raising her babies.

Soon, she and her little ones were transferred to a better place, an All Shepherd Rescue (ASR) located in Baltimore, Maryland. There, experienced German Shepherd experts continued to take care of her and her children. 

Left Alone

german shepherd standinggerman shepherd standing
Source: All Shepherd Rescue

Long before the puppies were even available for adoption, requests had already started coming in. So, when they were two months old, all the pups went to their new homes. At the same time, poor mom was left alone. 

In addition to having to watch her children leave her one by one and suffer unbearable pain in her heart, Star also had to struggle with unresolved health issues. 

“Unfortunately, Star’s previous owner neglected important aspects of her health, failing to spay and provide monthly heartworm preventatives,” it is stated in her bio on the ASR website.

They also added that they took responsibility for her treatment and recovery but that it was neither a short nor an easy process.

Nevertheless, Star did not remove the smile from her face during these difficult times and continued to adore people, even though those same people betrayed her not so long ago. 

Hope For A Happy Ending

german shepherd walking with mangerman shepherd walking with man
Source: All Shepherd Rescue

People from this rescue organization located in Baltimore, Maryland, are putting a lot of effort into finding Star a forever home. In her adoption bio, they wrote a lot of information about this amazing German Shepherd in the hope that someone would fall in love with her. 

“Adopting Star means embracing a loyal companion, an incredibly sweet, friendly, and gorgeous German Shepherd,” it is stated in Star’s bio. “Without hesitation, she greets everyone who comes to visit!”

Star is good with other dogs but could also live as the only pup in the house. As we already said, she loves people very much and would thrive with adults, especially those who live an active life because every GS loves physical activity.

Star is crate-trained, obedient, affectionate, eager to please, intelligent, gentle, even-tempered, and goofy. 

german shepherd on leashgerman shepherd on leash
Source: All Shepherd Rescue

“By opening your heart and home to this fantastic dog, you’ll not only provide Star with the love and care she deserves but also become a part of her incredible journey towards a brighter future,” it is stated in the end.