Paralyzed Puppy Abandoned By His Owner At The Vet Because He Couldn’t Afford His Treatment

Paralyzed Puppy Abandoned By His Owner At The Vet Because He Couldn’t Afford His Treatment

As far as dog stories go, there are many heartbreaking ones on the internet where a dog was either sick or abandoned and forced to survive on his own.

The examples are endless, but most of them have a somewhat positive ending. While this story is no different, it is still perhaps one of the most tragic ones I have ever read.

We will talk about a small puppy who was paralyzed since birth and abandoned by his owner when caring for him got too difficult.

A Difficult Start

tiny puppytiny puppy
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When Jinbao was first born, his life was already rough. He had severe muscle weakness that made him unable to walk at all.

He was taken to a clinic where veterinarians could help him, but the cost of his treatment was too expensive, so the owner gave up on him completely.

This, however, was not the end of the journey for this sweet baby. The workers at the clinic decided to help him live, so they provided the care and treatment necessary for his survival.

Because he was basically starving, they put him on infusion therapy so that he could get his weight up a bit.

puppy with shaved body sleepingpuppy with shaved body sleeping
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When he finally gathered some strength, Jinbao was able to eat on his own, which was already a huge accomplishment.

Another pretty big problem for him was a skin disease he had on his neck. To help him deal with this, one of the workers would routinely shave and treat his condition.

Jinbao’s Strength And Determination

poor puppy learning to walkpoor puppy learning to walk
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The biggest step was making sure that Jinbao could walk again. They constantly gave him calcium supplements and used a small wheelchair to help him move around.

As time went on, Jinbao kept growing and getting better. His condition greatly improved and he was now able to do more things than ever before in his life.

After two months since he started his recovery journey, he could now walk freely, but with a minor limp.

The workers who helped him are immensely proud of the progress he made in such a short time, thanks to his will and determination to get better.

puppy sitting outdoorspuppy sitting outdoors
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It’ll still take a little more time, but in the near future, Jinbao will be put on an adoption list, which means he will be able to find his new home.

Until that day, he will get to enjoy his time in the shelter as much as possible, where he has already met his new friends and is taking every moment to run around and explore.